Right to Information Act 2005 is enacted by Indian Parliament No.22 of 2005 [Section 4(1)(b)] for visualization of information of any organization.

RTI Act Appeal Rules Fee and Cost Office Memorandum

Public Information Officers

Appellate Authority

Dr. Arupjyoti Choudhury  (Details)
Email: registrar@kkhsou.in
Phone:  (+91)

State Public Information Officer

Dr. Ratul Kumar Patowary  (Details)
Deputy Registrar(Administration)
Email: ratulkumarpatowary@gmail.com
Phone:  (+91)88110-16655

State Assistant Public Information Officer

Dr. Kanta Chakravarty  (Details)
Assistant Registrar
Email: kchakravarty@kkhsou.in
Phone:  (+91)88110-16575